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    Summer Swimwear I’m Loving

    They told me it would happen but I didn’t really believe it. They told me someday I’d look back at the visual of my life and realize I was WAY too critical of myself. I would wish I was as thin now as I was back then. They told me I would realize someday that my hips were fine, my hair was healthy, my youth was wasted on the young version of myself who, at times, couldn’t get out of her own way. I would spend entirely too much time breaking down my imperfections rather than complimenting the things I liked about myself. No other experience brings this more to…

  • Date Night Looks
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    Date Night Summer Outfits

    Who doesn’t love a good date night with your significant other? Personally, I just love a good reason to get dressed up even if it’s casually dressed up. Even though it’s hot hot hot here in the Woodlands right now, I still love an opportunity to drink wine on the patio of my favorite restaurant accompanied by light bites and good company. Bonus points if I look good doing it! These are some of my favorites in my closet right now. Everything here is light weight and loosely structured which keeps me cool and comfortable. They can all be dressed up with heels or casual with flip flops or sandals.…

  • Boho Summer Style
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    Boho Summer Style

    It’s hands down my favorite time of year. Despite the often oppressive heat we endure here in Texas, summer has always been my favorite. I grew up in Huntington Beach, California and spent my summers riding my beach cruiser to the beach every day to find whichever group of friends I could locate. Each group had a designated lifeguard tower you knew you’d find them at. Tower 1 in Sunset Beach was always my favorite because it was the shortest ride for me and it was also the most diverse group of kids. The Bolsa kids hung out on the Huntington side and if I wanted to find the biggest…

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    What’s your style?

    Finding your style is about as personal as picking a name for your kids. It’s a reflection of your taste and your ability to express it in a way that makes people in your life say, “that’s so you”. Some people spend their lives searching for it, others spend their lives developing it and for some reason, some people were just born with it. My theory is that most people fall into a handful of categories or a combination of at least two. And since I can never resist the fashion fanfare of an award show or gala, I thought this would be a perfect way to illustrate my point.…