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Organic Elegance: Virtual Design

The term “Organic” has experienced some broad transformations over the years but ultimately, translates to something being in its truest form. Be it wood or fabric or food or livestock, to be organic means to be as close to the way nature intended it as possible. So what does that mean for interior design? Most of us don’t use tree stumps for chairs or hay for mattresses (thankfully!) but living in an environment that evokes the feeling and atmosphere of nature while incorporating modern comforts has become less of a last resort and more of a state of mind. In a world where we’re constantly surrounded by media and technology, there’s something spiritually and mentally comforting in paring down and getting back to nature in a way that is also beautiful and fulfilling.

My new client lives and breaths the tech world, being in a profession that demands as much. He’s got some beautiful collections from all over the world so being able to incorporate them in a way that speaks to his worldliness and experience in travel was very important to him. I chose a palette that’s both neutral and colorful at the same time using deep golds and rich touches of black to ground the space. The sofa and settee give the space a collective vibe while the gorgeous reclaimed Acacia and metal blended coffee table bring just the right amount of organic flare. I added the muted colored rug and pillows as a way to tie in the more colorful aspects of his amazing art collection and of course, you can just never have enough plants when creating a space like this.

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