Well hello! Let me introduce myself. I’m Renee Stephens. I’m an interior designer and an over all style enthusiast. What does that mean? Basically, I spend countless hours breaking down how and why something looks good, be it a bohemian room with an unmade bed in a magazine or an edgy outfit on the red carpet. I find myself studying the balance, texture and fit of any given aesthetic to determine how and why it works. I then find myself asking if it would work in the real world or is it just photo worthy?

So let me tell you a bit about myself. I have a degree in interior design and due to life circumstances, went directly into furniture retail where I spent countless hours on my feet, working straight commission and developing listening skills which allowed me to interpret what my clients were looking for. A few years later, I took a job for very little pay with a small furniture boutique which allowed me time to develop an outside interior design clientele that eventually led to my dream of entrepreneurship. Simultaneously, my husband and I opened a residential painting company which, in time (via a long twisty turny path), brought us here to The Woodlands, TX. Together, we own Stephens Painting and Gutters which has become the go to for commercial and residential painting. Best of all, I have the privilege of helping our clients chose colors for their homes that work with what they already have. It’s incredibly rewarding to watch the transformations and I love it.

Stephens Style was born out of my passion for helping people live and feel their best by helping them develop their own individual sense of style, be it in how they live or how they dress. Everyone who knows me knows Interior Design is my passion but I’ve been approached multiple times about helping people with their wardrobes. It’s not as simple as it sounds. Some people know what they like and what works for them and that’s fantastic but other struggle feeling comfortable with their choices and let’s face it, what works on the models doesn’t work for most others.

Look, I wasn’t born a Kardashian or a Hilton. I don’t have a perfectly sculpted body like the TikTok influencers, who would look stunning in a paper bag. I don’t live in a mansion that’s styled to a T nor do I have the budget to buy the highest end furniture or clothing that we see on magazine covers and social media. Most of us don’t. I live in middle class REAL LIFE. What I do have is an eye to replicate styles at a digestible price and a gift for listening to what people aren’t saying out loud. Figuring out your style can be hard to put into words but I believe I can help. Give me a budget and some quality time to get to know you, I’ll figure it out and we’ll have fun working together to give you the biggest bang for your buck.

For more information, visit the “Services” tab then shoot me an email and let’s see what happens!

The first step is the biggest step~