• Grasscloth Wallpaper in the Woodlands
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    Grasscloth Wallpaper

    I’m sure it’s not exactly news breaking that wallpaper is back in a big way. It seems like just yesterday, our painting company was spending more time REMOVING wallpaper and retexturing than anything else. Builders loved using wallpaper because it was an easy way to cover flawed walls while adding texture and pattern but as tastes and trends changed, it became very taste specific and eventually, dated. So what’s the trick to selecting a timeless look when using wallpaper? One word: GRASSCLOTH With origins dating back more than two millennia, grasscloth wallpaper has its roots firmly planted in Asian culture. This all-natural decorative covering is created by weaving together natural…

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    Rustic Dining

    How often do you use your dining room? This is something I always ask during the initial consultation with clients mostly because it’s very much an either or answer. For some people, their dining room is nothing more than a room they walk past on their way to somewhere else in the house. Others love to entertain and their dining area is a focal point in their lives. Personally speaking, when we moved into our previous house, it struck me that there wasn’t a dining room but I really didn’t think I’d miss it. I was SO WRONG. I missed having a dining room so much and often had to…

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    Organic Elegance: Virtual Design

    The term “Organic” has experienced some broad transformations over the years but ultimately, translates to something being in its truest form. Be it wood or fabric or food or livestock, to be organic means to be as close to the way nature intended it as possible. So what does that mean for interior design? Most of us don’t use tree stumps for chairs or hay for mattresses (thankfully!) but living in an environment that evokes the feeling and atmosphere of nature while incorporating modern comforts has become less of a last resort and more of a state of mind. In a world where we’re constantly surrounded by media and technology,…