• Grasscloth Wallpaper in the Woodlands
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    Grasscloth Wallpaper

    I’m sure it’s not exactly news breaking that wallpaper is back in a big way. It seems like just yesterday, our painting company was spending more time REMOVING wallpaper and retexturing than anything else. Builders loved using wallpaper because it was an easy way to cover flawed walls while adding texture and pattern but as tastes and trends changed, it became very taste specific and eventually, dated. So what’s the trick to selecting a timeless look when using wallpaper? One word: GRASSCLOTH With origins dating back more than two millennia, grasscloth wallpaper has its roots firmly planted in Asian culture. This all-natural decorative covering is created by weaving together natural…

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    What’s your style?

    Finding your style is about as personal as picking a name for your kids. It’s a reflection of your taste and your ability to express it in a way that makes people in your life say, “that’s so you”. Some people spend their lives searching for it, others spend their lives developing it and for some reason, some people were just born with it. My theory is that most people fall into a handful of categories or a combination of at least two. And since I can never resist the fashion fanfare of an award show or gala, I thought this would be a perfect way to illustrate my point.…